MD Engineering Torqbar SB - BB/Tumbled Brass

MD Engineering Torqbar SB - BB/Tumbled Brass

$ 1,300.00

This SB (Solid Body) Torqbar is made from brass with a bead blasted/tumbled finish.

The Torqbar is a precision hand-spinning device available in various materials, all CNC milled to perfection. Designed to keep idle hands busy and wandering minds focused, many spinners claim the Torqbar has a calming, almost meditative effect. These impressive devices can spin for minutes at a time, and have taken the EDC community by storm. 


  • Precision milled for optimum performance.
  • Includes a convenient keychain attachment for EDC use.
  • User-friendly design for simple maintenance and easy cleaning.

  • Material:Brass
  • Weight:2.04 oz.
  • Brand:MD Engineering
  • Model:Torqbar
  • Product Type:Novelty